LDA2014 - Marcelo Vido: "It was a realized dream. It was perfect, because the conquest was historic for Flamengo."
miercoles, 16 de abril 2014
Although the succession of sporting commitments did not give much time for the celebration, the fans and players of Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro still reverberates in their memory the thunderous cry of thousands of supporters for the great conquest of the 2014 Liga de las Americas.

While the continental title shines among the many trophies won by the popular club, you can take stock of the sensations that left the win. The director of Olympic sports of Flamengo, Marcelo Vido, spoke with fibaamericas.com, hiding his joy and reflecting the importance the club gives the Liga de las Americas, which does not seem to be the end of a project, but rather, just the beginning.

- What does it means to Flamengo the conquest of the Liga de las Americas?

It was a dream come true. It was something almost perfect, because the conquest was unprecedented for Flamengo, and still more because of the stage, the Maracanazinho, representing a temple for the history of basketball in Brazil. Achieving the title in the same stadium where Brazil won the men's World Championship in 1963 has an important historical value for our club.

- The Liga de las Americas was a firm goal for Flamengo. Does having achieved that title, remove pressure off the club?
- Since qualifing for the Liga da Americas, after winning the Brazilian League, the continental title was one of our goals and the team was formed in a balanced way among young athletes with other experienced who had already played international competitions, with intend to winb the most important tournament of America. A high performance team is under pressure in all competitions, especially a club like Flamengo, with 40 million supporters. But this wonderful achievement is only part of our project, as the work continues with the School of Basketball, our equipment base and professional. We are in a long program of excellence and this title encourages us to continue on this same path, no doubt.

- What do you think were the merits of Flamengo to win the title?
- I think there were many, inside and outside the field. A competent coaching staff deploying best practices for success, a policy that supports and vibrates with our work, and a group of people, who are our athletes, with a high level of professionalism and commitment to the Flamengo basketball history. After a difficult time in 2013, the group had a great strength and compliance of work.

- What did it mean for the club to have the Maracanazinho full with fans during those two days?
- The Flamengo fans are special and who witnessed the games at the Maracanazinho could see that. No doubt that the Final Four of the Liga de las Americas was a success and owes much to the fans of Flamengo, who were giving a colorful and amazing noise to accompany the team. For our club it was also an organizational success, which allowed us to respond to FIBA Americas, who we appreciate for their support and confidence. Also Fox Sports, our sponsors and the Secretary of State of Rio de Janeiro, for their unconditional support in this event. Sure, this win for Flamengo also belongs to the National League in Brazil, where it all started in 2008.

- How will the team face the next international challenge, the Intercontinental Cup?
- Our next commitment will be to repeat the conquest of the national title, which would be our fourth of the last seven editions of the LNB, and we are focused on that. We made a great regular season, finishing first and have the advantage of deciding home to the final playoff. After this tournament we will prepare for the Intercontinental Cup, which will be another unprecedented participation for Flamengo. And who knows, we may see the Maracanazinho filled again. We are optimistic for the next challenge...

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